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sutherland access panel meeting placeSutherland Access Panel has members that are qualified to Degree level in Inclusive Environmental Access and Design, which means that the Panel are able to offer professional Access Audits to local businesses, these Audits will provide you with information of what is required by your business to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. Remember should you be unfortunate enough to be prosecuted under the Act, the courts will not accept that it would be to expensive to make adjustments unless you can show that you were trying to comply with the Act. Access Audits would be a first step to show willingness to comply with the Act.   

Sutherland Access Panel provides full Access Audit for the low price of £200 fully inclusive. This price will be increased in April to £250 fully Inclusive this is due to the high price of fuel in our county. The panel will honour the £200 cost to any Audit booked before April 20th. The average cost of Access Audits is in excess of £1,000 the Access Panel is a Charity and provides Audits for very little profit so as to benefit those who live and work in Sutherland.

Sutherland Access Panel also provides Disability Awareness Training this should be something that all businesses provide to their employees, Diasbility awareness Training is a must for those in the service industry. Disability Awareness training is provided to your requirements therefore the cost is provided for each company’s needs. Contact the Panel for further information about Disability Awareness Training..

Sutherland Access Panel also gives advice free to members of the public. They will also represent your needs to company’s and advise how you can contact other organisations, that may be able to help individuals should they themselves, be unable to help you. For information or help contact us on our contact page.

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