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Sutherland Access BuildingSutherland Access Panel are working towards improved disabled access to public buildings in the Sutherland area of Scotland, we also offer access audits and training.

It does this in the following ways:
  • Comment on Planning Applications for public use buildings. (Our comments are sent to the Local Authority and the Architect responsible).
  • Providing information on good practice in Scotland's Disabled Access.
  • On invitation, talking to groups and organisations about Scotland's Disabled Access.
  • Meet with service providers to look over and talk about their premises. We can offer suggestions to improve Scotland Disabled Access.

How do I become a member of Sutherland Access Panel?

Membership of the Panel is open to anyone with an interest in disability or disability issues. For more details please write or ring us using the contact number and or address on our contact us page.

Contact Us

Sutherland Access Panel
C/o Andy Dawson
22 Strathnaver
KW11 6UA

Tel: 01641561209
Fax: 01641561209

Building Audit Service

Sutherland access panel offers many services.

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